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    A/C Recovery Equipment Return on Investment
        National Average Your Shop
    a. Service Labor Charge for A/C Service $ 149.99
    b. Cost R134a per lb. $ 6.00
    c. Cost of PAG Oil per Service $ 1.50
    d. Avg. Quantity of R134a (lbs.) Recovered per Service $ 1.00
    e. Value of Refrigerent recovered from the vehicle being serviced at 95% efficiency $ 5.70
    f. Additional R134a added lbs. $ 1.50
    g. Cost of added R134a $ 9.00
    h. Cost of Labor per Service $ 50.00
    i. Profit Per Service $ 95.19
    j. Monthly Profit (25 services per month) $ 2,379.75
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